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Subject : Veneer backer?
Posted : 2024-06-12 8:36 PM
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Hey everyone. I'm new around here and was wondering about getting a backer on this veneer I'll be getting raw from the company who makes it. I google-searched 'veneer backer paper' and basically found nothing, but was later explained that the process of applying actual industry-standard veneer backer paper takes so much heat and pressure that it's just not practical for the home hobbyist.

So what else could I use to back my veneer? The thicker the better actually. I'd like for it to be upwards of 1mm thick, but I'll go thinner if that isn't possible. I'll be vacuuming clamping and using Unibond 800 to give the veneer the stiffness I want after the backer is applied.

Any suggestions?

Brad Hays

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Darryl Keil

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Subject : RE: Veneer backer?
Posted : 2024-06-13 9:42 AM
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Thats just an industrial process for backing veneer. You can simply back your veneer with another piece of raw veneer. I’m partial to backer grade mahogany. Is nice and stable and comes nice and wide.

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