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Subject : 16" radius layers ?
Posted : 2021-06-11 10:26 AM
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Amazing how much second guessing we can do... I believe I saw in your video you using just two layers of 3/8" bending ply with a urea formaldehyde glue.. My face will have a two ply and the inside of the curve most likely I will use a single layer since it won't be seen. Is this enough glue layers to keep the shape? I will most likely do it all in one glue-up in the bag.

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Subject : RE: 16" radius layers ?
Posted : 2021-06-12 6:28 AM
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I would put a cross banding layer in between the two pieces of 3/8” bending ply. This will help stabilize and minimize spring back. If you put a veneer on the front and back as well that ends up being a total of four glue lines which I consider the minimum.

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