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Tim Eastman

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Subject : Covering hose hole
Posted : 2020-01-10 7:12 AM
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I discovered something that may not be news to others. If I am veneering with a base inside the bag and the piece does not cover the hole where the hose fitting comes through, the vacuum cycles a lot. Placing a small block to bridge the hole this problem is eliminated. Could it be because the uncovered hole is acting as a diaphragm and is reacting to pressure?

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Darryl Keil

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Subject : RE: Covering hose hole
Posted : 2020-01-10 12:57 PM
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You shouldn’t have to cover the hole to get good air evacuation if it is set up with the grooves going through the platen sleeve. I have attached a picture of how I set up my platens which is the way the instructions recommend
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