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Subject : "Wrap Over" and Protecting Veneer Edges
Posted : 2019-11-23 7:15 PM
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It is so easy to admire marquetry where a "ribbon" extends to the edge of the top and then smoothly continues down the edge. I've seen pictures of this done by Paul Schurch and by Silas Kopf. But many times I've seen suggestions to avoid running thin veneer all the way to the edge of a tabletop or similar - it might chip like square Formica edges sometimes did/does.

A couple approaches to avoid running veneer all the way to the edge is to wrap the edge with solid wood (whether a 1/8" thick edge band or a wider solid wood edge) or make a tiny rabbet along the edges perhaps 1/8" or 3/16" square, and glue in a thin piece of complimentary or contrasting solid wood (a "French edge," which I learned about on this forum).

Neither of these approaches will work with that wonderful meandering wood veneer "ribbon" the comes out to the edge of the table and down the side.

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