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Subject : installing PSA on built in bookshelf
Posted : 2019-03-27 12:29 PM
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Hello - My husband made two built in bookshelves in our office, and we'd like to finish the top with veneer. Each surface is 42 x 24 so we think a PSA would work for this project. However, are unsure about the best technique for installing. All the online tutorials demonstrate this application with a free standing piece of wood, and not in a small space like this. We know we have one shot at getting it set correctly, so we would greatly appreciate any advice. We think making a template first to get the dimensions correct on the three sides is a first start. We plan to edge band the front of the plywood, which we think we should install second - after we do the top. Sound right?

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Darryl Keil

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Subject : RE: installing PSA on built in bookshelf
Posted : 2019-03-28 3:07 PM
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Cut the PSA veneer to the exact size you want, then cut off a 1/2” strip of just the adhesive backing along the back edge without cutting the veneer. Pull this strip of adhesive backing off and stick your veneer down to your table top along this 1/2” exposed back edge. Now you are locked in and can lift the veneer up as best you can without loosening the bond and start peeling off the rest of the backing, sticking down the veneer as you go from the back edge forward.

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