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Darryl Keil

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Subject : RE: Flattening.. Am I flat enough?
Posted : 2021-11-03 4:00 PM
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First, I recommend changing the paper 6 times over two day, 3 the first day and 3 the second day. You want it fully dry. Second, there are a number of factors to, “is it flat enough”. One, is the size of the panel. Bigger the panel the flatter it needs to be. Two, are there seams or just one piece. If there are seams can you tape it together and the seam be held tight to the matching piece. There isn’t a simple formula its more of a feel. I no thats not a clear cut answer but its experience that will tell you if its flat enough. It was hard to get a good feel from your picture but it did seem a bit wavy, especially for walnut.

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