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craig tufankjian

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Subject : RE: veneer inside of a hole.
Posted : 2019-08-05 7:58 PM
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Just add two layers of 1/8th inch cork to the disc, or one layer of 1/4 inch if you can get it. If the cork still has gaps against the hole put a saw kerf 3/4 the way down the half disc ,that will conform to the hole.

Then there’s the master Jedi way. You got an old time cold water bottle with the screw in plug at the top? If so, replace the plug with a pvc male both side adaptor. Screw a air hose connector to the end and put the water bottle in the hole and connect the air hose. Basically it’s a bladder filled with air. It will expand and therefore push the veneer tight to the sidewall of the hole.

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