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Don Stephan

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Subject : Plastic Sheet on Bent Laminations
Posted : 2019-03-03 4:59 PM
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Wondering how to wrap, what will be a rather thick bent lamination using 1/16" veneer, using 3, 4, or 6 mil plastic sheet and hold same in place without sheet overlap and masking tape causing dents in the veneer. I will be simply clamping the lamination to an outside form rather than using a vacuum bag, but still worry about denting the veneer. To avoid springback, I will be using urea resin glue.

Second, would it be safer to leave the lamination clamped until the glue is hard, or can the lamination be unclamped when the glue is rubbery. Obviously, squeezeout would be much easier to scrape off while the glue is rubbery.

Thanks all.

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